Is It Time for a New Kitchen Faucet? Consider These Factors

The kitchen faucet is a cornerstone of daily activities, from meal preparation to dishwashing. As this essential fixture ages, signs of wear and changing preferences may prompt homeowners to consider an upgrade. We explore the most important design factors to consider before choosing your next faucet. When you’re ready to upgrade your kitchen in Phoenix, give the experts at Six Points Hardware & Cabinets a call.

What’s Your Style?

Modern, traditional, or transitional – the market offers an array of styles to complement diverse kitchen aesthetics. Consider the existing design elements in your kitchen, such as cabinet finishes and countertop materials, to ensure a cohesive look. The faucet’s design, from its spout shape to handle configuration, should seamlessly integrate with your kitchen’s overall style. 

How Tall Should It Be?

The faucet’s height should align with the size of your sink and the tasks you regularly do. A taller faucet with a high arc is best for accommodating larger pots and pans, providing ample space for efficient washing and filling. However, in smaller kitchens or with shallow sinks, a lower-profile faucet might be more practical. Additionally, the faucet’s height plays a role in the overall visual balance of the kitchen. 

Does It Need a Sprayer Function?

A pull-down or pull-out sprayer provides added flexibility for tasks such as rinsing fruits, vegetables, and dishes with precision. This feature proves particularly valuable in streamlining kitchen chores and maintaining a tidy workspace. Assess your daily kitchen needs to determine if a sprayer function aligns with your preferences and routine. 

Kitchen Faucet Installation in Phoenix

When planning a kitchen remodel, finding the right kitchen faucet can make all the difference. At Six Points Hardware and Cabinets, we offer many different design options that are sure to complement your kitchen renovation, new build, or upgrade project. To see our entire inventory of kitchen faucets for sale in Phoenix, don’t hesitate to visit us or call 602-254-2970. We’re happy to discuss designs, faucet prices, and other pertinent information to help you make an educated decision.