What Are the Differences Between Framed vs Frameless Cabinetry?

In the realm of home design, cabinets reign supreme as both functional workhorses and style statements. If you’re beginning your home renovation process, one critical decision awaits: framed or frameless cabinets? These two cabinet styles boast distinct characteristics that can significantly impact your room’s appearance and functionality. We discuss the benefits and main features of framed and frameless cabinets below. When you’re ready for new, custom cabinets in Phoenix, give the experts a Six Points Hardware & Cabinets a call.

Framed Cabinets

Framed cabinets are a traditional and time-tested style that has been a staple in kitchen design for decades. These cabinets feature a visible frame around the front face of the cabinet box, typically made of solid wood. The frame serves as a structural support for the cabinet, providing durability.

One of the defining characteristics of framed cabinets is the presence of a center stile, a vertical piece of wood running down the middle of double-door cabinets. This style not only adds to the cabinet’s stability but also creates a visual break between the two doors. Framed cabinets are known for their traditional charm, lending an inviting feel to any space. Additionally, the frame also helps prevent dust and debris from accumulating inside the cabinet, ensuring a cleaner and more organized kitchen environment.

Frameless Cabinets

Frameless cabinets represent a modern and minimalist approach to kitchen design. Unlike their framed counterparts, frameless cabinets do not have a front face frame. Instead, they feature full-overlay doors that completely cover the cabinet box, creating a seamless look. The absence of the frame allows for more accessibility and storage space, as there are no obstructions caused by the frame edges. With hinges attached directly to the interior sides of the cabinet box, the doors open wider, providing easier access to the cabinet’s contents.

Due to their minimalist design, frameless cabinets are often associated with European and Scandinavian kitchen styles, reflecting an emphasis on practicality and efficiency. The absence of a center stile in double-door cabinets further optimizes storage, allowing for larger items to be easily stored without obstruction.

Custom Cabinets in Phoenix

At Six Points Hardware and Cabinets, our team works closely with our customers to design custom cabinetry that perfectly meets their needs. No matter what room in your home or business you need cabinets for, we can identify the right materials, designs, and colors to ensure it matches your budget and your style. To request more information about new cabinet costs in Phoenix, please give us a call at 602-254-2970 or stop by our showroom to speak with a friendly team member.